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VW Jetta 3-piece Boot Spoiler

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.:R-Line Steering Insert

Bought this and yet to install even its only take less than 5mins to do the job 😀

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Lowered Ride?

I am itchy butt now and feel like wanted to lowered my VW Jetta. My choice of lowered springs are Eibach Pro-Kit or H&R OE Springs but I guess few places I have asked about H&R and they don’t bring the OE Springs.

Oh well, will probably wait for a used Eibach Pro-Kit on sales. I wonder how it will feel pairing with the original absorbers. Just found out Yellow Konis absorbers is available for my VW Jetta.

Anyone have a set of Eibach Pro-Kit for sales, do email me at

Sample lowered VW Jetta on Eibach Pro-Kit:

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Votex Front Lip

Managed to installed the Votex front lip on my VW Jetta this afternoon. Installation took some time due to adjustment for perfect fitment. Next is to send in for paint job. But before that, I might wait for my Votex side skirting and boot lip (if can find them locally).

Photos coming up soon and meanwhile enjoy some great photos from other Rabbit.

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